March 3, 2024


Abortion opponents in the midwest state of Kansas have invoked an obscure law to force an investigation into the death of a mentally- retarded woman after a late-term abortion. A 1970 law allows citizens to initiate a grand jury investigation if they feel that law enforcement officials have failed to act.

In this case, 19-year-old Texas resident Christin Gilbert was brought to a Wichita clinic by her family in January 2005. She was 28 weeks pregnant at the time. The doctor at the clinic, George Tiller, is one of the few American physicians who performs late-term abortions. Three days later she died from an infection. The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has cleared Dr Tiller and his staff. However, activists want to see Dr Tiller charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to report the abuse of a child. They contend that Ms Gilbert was not able to consent to the abortion.