April 24, 2024

Lancet calls for post-abortion counselling

Psychological problems should not be “trivialised”
The leading international
medical journal The Lancet has become a supporter of providing
post-abortion psychological care. In response to a recent report from
the American Psychological Association which found that
first-trimestre abortion was no riskier than a birth, the Lancet said
that “the fact that some women do experience psychological problems
after a termination should not be trivialised… Women choosing to
terminate must be offered an appropriate package of follow-up care,
which includes psychological counselling when needed.” ~ The
Lancet, Aug 23


One thought on “Lancet calls for post-abortion counselling

  1. I, painfully, had an abortion and was offered no follow-up care. I regret with all my heart that I chose to kill my child and I would do anything I could to change the past, but I cannot. This happenned just over 13 years ago, and the painful memories still remain. I have forgiven myself because I know God has, but thousand (millions?) of women are affected by this wrong choice every year. Where is the help for them?

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