May 22, 2024

Nursing homes in the pandemic

Like rivets popping on a sinking ship, the stresses of the pandemic are showing the weakness in our societies. Suddenly we realise how much we depend on humble workers who provide essential services, how much we depend on supply chains, how vulnerable the elderly are, and so on. And everyone has become an epidemiologist. 

One statistic that caught my eye was the number of over-65s in care per thousand of population. This came up as part of Donald Trump's boast that the per capita death rate in the United States is far lower than the highest nation, which was Belgium. There's a reason for that — Belgium is counting many deaths in nursing homes as deaths from coronavirus, even if the people had not been tested. 

But a chart in the BBC story showed that Belgium also has the the third highest proportion of people in nursing homes in Europe, 71 per thousand. Even higher were the Netherlands (75) and Luxembourg (82). Is it a coincidence that these three countries have also legalised euthanasia? What does that figure say about their social structure? After the pandemic has passed, it would be good to follow this up. 

Michael Cook
Are there links to euthanasia?