March 5, 2024

Testicles could be good source of versatile stem cells

Just as good as human embryonic stem cells

Yet another alternative to human embryonic stem cells — cells taken from men’s testicles. Scientists from the Center for Regenerative Biology and Medicine in Tuebingen, Germany, have found that after a few weeks of growth, testicular cells can differentiate into various types of cells just like those taken from embryos. "We made them into skin, structures of the gut, cartilage, bone, muscle and neurons," says the lead author, Thomas Skutella.

The researchers concluded that testicular cells could be a successful way of individual cell-based therapies “without the ethical and immunological problems associated with human embryonic stem cells." Of course, these cells only will only be exact matches for men. But some researchers believe that it might be also possible to obtain the equivalent cells from women’s eggs.  ~ New Scientist, Oct 9; AP, Oct 9