March 1, 2024

UK hospital investigates sex selection claim

Claims that fertility doctor offered a woman assistance in selecting her child’s sex

A Liverpool hospital is investigating claims that one of its fertility doctors offered a woman help to determine the sex of her baby. Charles Kingsland, clinical director of the reproductive centre at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, allegedly offered to put the woman in contact with a clinic in Cyprus, where couples can decide whether to have a boy or a girl. UK fertilisation law prohibits this procedure in most cases. It is permitted only on the grounds of gender-associated diseases, such as muscular dystrophy and haemophilia. The Mail on Sunday alleged Mr Kingsland advised an undercover reporter that he could arrange a flight for them to Northern Cyprus to receive the procedure there. Mr Kingsland declined comment and there is no indication he has broken UK law. The hospital said it would investigate to “establish the facts”. ~ BBC News, Feb 14

UK hospital investigates sex selection claim
Jared Yee
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