February 22, 2024

US Army funds stem cell research for wounded soldiers

A “dream team” of experts in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Even the Pentagon is taking an interest in stem cell research. A US$250 million Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine will study how to regrow burnt skin, replace noses and ears and, someday, even regenerate limbs. The Army surgeon-general says that stem cell technology could revolutionise military medicine. Lt. General Eric Schoomaker says that he foresees that adult stem cells will someday be harvested from soldiers and used within days of sustaining an injury to regrow new limbs. "As far as we know, this is the largest US government-funded research consortium in the field of regenerative medicine," he says. The new institute will have a "dream team" of experts in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Also funding the institute are the National Institutes of Health ($100 million) and Wake Forest University, the University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University and the Cleveland Clinic ($80 million) ~ AFP, Apr 17