February 26, 2024

WikiLeaks: are Chinese spies stealing Iceland’s genetic database?

WikiLeaks docs point at spies

Another bioethics angle has
emerged in Wikileaks. Chinese spies are investigating genetic research companies
in Iceland, according to cables written in 2009. US authorities said that
intelligence gathering included bugging phone lines and hacking into databases.

But Icelanders are skeptical.
Kári Stefánsson, of deCODE Genetics, told the Fréttabladid newspaper that
his employees had not found evidence of hacking. However, he intends to contact
the police and American authorities to see if there was any basis for the
confidential reports. “What disturbs me a little is that a more than vivid
imagination is needed to think that genealogy research in Iceland is being
spied on if there is nothing behind it,” Stefánsson said. Minister of Justice
Ögmundur Jónasson is dubious that measures will be undertaken in reaction to
the US Embassy’s theories. “I haven’t received any other evidence of it, no
solid proof,” he said. ~Iceland Review, Dec 6

Jared Yee