February 24, 2024

A David who humbled Goliath

The Washington Post profiles Planned Parenthood’s bugbear, David Daleiden.

David Daleiden is only 26, but he has already changed the course of the abortion debate in the United States. Working with actors, he surreptitiously filmed executives and technicians associated with Planned Parenthood’s business of selling aborted foetal tissue from its clinics to researchers.

The trickle release of his films on YouTube has been a public relations disaster for Planned Parenthood.  Its president, Cecile Richards, was grilled mercilessly last month by a Congressional committee over its activities in the wake of lurid headlines. (See the video above.) She has announced that it will continue to supply tissue but will no longer accept compensation.

Daleiden is a controversial figure, but he has kept a very low profile until now. The Washington Post has a sympathetic profile which sketches his background and motives. Read it here. 

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