April 18, 2024

Boy born from embryo frozen 20 years ago

Oldest-ever birth from frozen embryo

An American woman has given birth to a boy
who was created in an IVF clinic 20 years ago. This is the oldest-ever birth
from a frozen embryo. The couple who created the embryo in 1990 offered it for
donation after completing their own family. A 42-year-old woman has finally
given birth to the child.

The records keep tumbling in IVF. The
oldest ever birth from frozen sperm is 22 years. The news of this new record
prompted journalists to recall that in 2007 a mother froze some of her own eggs
for her seven-year-old daughter who was likely to be infertile because of a
medical condition. If the girl were to use the eggs she would effectively be
the mother of her own half-brother or sister. ~ London Telegraph, Oct 10

Michael Cook
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