February 26, 2024

British surrogate to give birth to her eighth child

Not the record holder

Jill HawkinsIf any should know what surrogacy is all
about, it is 45-year-old Jill Hawkins, a British woman who is pregnant
with her eighth child – which she will give away as she has done 7
times before. After the last one, she resolved to give up employment as
a womb for hire. But she couldn’t resist the buzz of being pregnant
again when a 32-year-old woman and her partner approached her. This
will be the first baby which was not created from her own eggs. “I love
being pregnant,” she told the Daily Mail. “It’s a compulsion, I
suppose, and I really miss it when I’m not pregnant.” There is also a financial incentive — 12,000 pounds for this child. 

Surprisingly, Miss Hawkins does not hold
the record for UK surrogacies. The laurels apparently belong to Carole
Horlock, a British woman who moved to France four years ago. She has
carried 12 surrogate children in 13 years. ~ Daily Mail, Jan 6


Michael Cook