April 16, 2024

HMS Bioethics Journal launched

Harvard Medical School gets into the game

Harvard Medical School has published the inaugural issue of a bioethics journal, called – wait for it! — Bioethics Journal. The editorial team explains:

Our goals in publishing the Bioethics Journal are to recognize and anticipate the ethical aspects of new bioscientific knowledge; to report bioethics research, as well as what is empirically known about ethical problems and alternatives for addressing them; to offer ethical analyses and recommendations; and, most importantly, to provide an open and free forum for professional and public discussion about the ethical challenges of our time.

The official name of the journal is Harvard Medical School Bioethics Journal.

The lead article in the first issue is a feature on immigration, “Keeping the Doors Open: Why should the United States remain open to refugees?” Other topics include precision medicine, an ethics consult about a woman who refuses a C-section, and the use of algorithms to prioritize patients. It’s a nice mix of scholarship and journalism. Check it out

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