February 29, 2024

German serial killer nurse may have killed at least 106

Niels H abused his position to murder vulnerable people with lethal injections

Neils H in court in 2015 with his lawyer

As a reminder that you don’t need semi-automatic rifles to be a mass murderer, German prosecutors have raised the death toll at the hands of a male nurse to about 106. “Niels H”, 41, had already been convicted on two counts of murder and four of attempted murder in nursing homes in the northern German cities of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst between 1999 and 2005.

However, investigations have continued after his conviction and the total is rising. In August, police said that they suspected that he may have killed 90 people after exhuming the bodies of more patients. Now they have added another 16. New charges will be brought next year.

There is a good chance that more murders will be discovered.

Why did Mr H do it? Prosecutors said the he felt bored with his repetitive work. He would inject patients with a drug which would cause the heart to misfire. Then he would resuscitate his victims. If they were lucky they would survive; if not, they became one of his statistics.

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