May 25, 2024

Downloading happiness

The latest transhumanist prediction

America’s leading transhumanist is back! In the news, that is. Zoltan Istvan, the transhumanist candidate for president in 2016, has been keeping a low profile recently. But he returned to the headlines in an interview on “Good Morning Britain”.

His vision of transhumanist future includes the standard predictions of ultra-longevity, highr IQ, improved health and so on.

But he also believes that by the year 2042 we will be able to upload our consciousness to the cloud. It could be a bit confusing. “”Maybe you don't just upload one version of yourself. Maybe there's 100 versions of yourself. You can create other versions of yourself. Some people want to have a thousand copies of themselves in different ways.”

It will be a kind of heaven, according to Istvan: “”We're going to live in a world where you can download happiness, download fulfilment, download the things you really want in life and make it a utopic existence. People are going to find themselves in a new world where they can reach all the possibilities they've only dreamt of.”

It won’t be all beer and skittles, though. “Getting hacked when you have a bionic heart or robotic eyes is going to be incredibly dangerous.”

Michael Cook is editor of BioEdge

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