May 28, 2024

Redefining gender roles: hubbie gives birth

Another transgender tale

Another dispatch from the Wild West of assisted reproduction. “Husband Gave Birth To His First Child After Wife Was Unable To Fall Pregnant” was the irresistible headline in the Huffington Post UK.

However, it turns out that instead of being a pregnant truck driver, a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 film Junior, the husband is a transgender man. The couple are actually lesbians, who married in 2013 in Ohio: Chris Rehs-Dupin and Amy.

After Amy’s five failed attempts at artificial insemination, Chris volunteered to carry the baby. Although she was living as a man, she had not had sex-change surgery and still had her reproductive organs. “We were fortunate enough to have two uteruses,” they told the Daily Mail. Their daughter Hayden was born in December 2014. (No mention was made of the biological father.)

The pregnancy shook Chris’s decision to live as a man. “Being pregnant is such a female thing and that’s when I started to question that it was not what I was.” Amy tried to breastfeed their daughter, but Chris eventually had to. However, she persevered with her male identity after the birth. She is thinking of having a double mastectomy but not “bottom surgery” as she does not want to rule out the possibility of bearing another child.

In the meantime, Amy fell pregnant after another attempt at artificial insemination. They would like to have a third child.
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