May 20, 2024

Ban pornography in UK IVF clinics, says think tank

IVF doctors ridicules proposal

One unpleasant aspect of IVF which is seldom
highlighted is obtaining sperm through masturbation. To make this easier,
clinics usually provide pornography in a special room. A recent
report from a British think tank
claims that as many as one in three
hospitals provide pornographic material for their clients. Julia Manning, the
director of, which highlights cases of NHS waste, said that this
was scandalous, even though the amounts were small. She wants the British
government to ban pornography in all public IVF clinics.

“This isn’t the first publicity about the use
of pornography
in the NHS. But what is staggering is that the only
objection to date
seems to have been that tax payers’
money was used. No reference has been made to the
humiliation for the staff, the implied sanctioning of
in the workplace, the fostering of unhealthy
attitudes towards the opposite
sex, the encouragement of
‘adultery of the mind’, and the impact of the addictive
nature of porn. Isn’t the public sector being inconsistent
in its ‘values’ in not challenging this?
The public sector workplace should be a leading and
inspiring example of a safe
and healthy environment,
which elevates the dignity and respect of both men

However, Dr Alan Thornhill, of The London Bridge Fertility, Gynaecology and Genetics Centre, a
leading IVF clinic, ridiculed Ms Manning’s proposal. He argued that pornography
was a minor but essential part of IVF and that clinic staff understand this.
Furthermore, British troops overseas are provided with free pornography. Why
not IVF clinics? ~ BioNews,
Sept 20

Michael Cook
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