May 28, 2024

Derek Humphry: how and where to get suicide drugs

Assisted-suicide proponent gives his lethal advice – yet again

In a recent blog post, staunch
assisted-suicide activist Derek Humphry released detailed instructions on how
to procure the lethal drug Veterinary Nembutal (pentobarbital) in “the
backstreets of poorer neighbourhoods” of Mexico and Peru. Humphry says that one
bottle is lethal, but two should be purchased for good measure. He gives prices
and instructions on how to kill oneself “with speed and absolute certainty”
using Nembutal. He warns against visiting Mexican border towns because of drug
gang violence. Peru, however, “has proved successful for shoppers.” Humphry
also suggests Thailand – but advises to “watch out for the notorious fake drugs
there.” ~ Assisted
Suicide Blog, Sept 7

Jared Yee
assisted suicide