May 24, 2024

Did a French nurse euthanase patients?

No big deal for radio talk-back

The audience of a talk-back radio show on
France Inter had frissons d’horreur recently when a caller named Cécile, a
70-year-old retired nurse admitted that she had euthanased several people. “I
gave several people who were suffering euthanasia,” she told the show’s host,
“and I made the decision all by myself.”

Whether or not
Cecile’s confession was true, it sparked a debate on the show. The secular
humanist philosopher Luc Ferry was outraged. “This is a scandal,” he said. “I
prefer for this to be a team decision and for the children or the partners of
the person who is going to die be involved…. Someone’s life cannot belong to a
third person.” The program’s callers, however, were broadly supportive of
euthanasia. ~ L’Express,
Nov 26

Michael Cook
mercy killing