April 20, 2024

Down syndrome babies targeted

Follows results of Danish screening program
Down syndromeAustraliaurgently needs a national screening policy for Down syndrome,experts say, after international research showed it could halve thenumber of babies born with the condition. Currently only women 35 orover or who have a history of chromosomal defects are offeredscreening tests. But Professor Euan Wallace, of Monash University,told the Sydney Morning Herald: “In Australia in 2008 everysingle woman should be offered and have access to state-of-the-artscreening tests irrespective of age.”

Thepush to eliminate even more Down syndrome children followed thepublication of a Danish study in the British Medical Journal. Thisshowed a national screening program for expectant mothers had halvedthe number of babies born with Down syndrome . The number of babiesdiagnosed with the syndrome before birth increased by 30% and therewere fewer false positives. ~ SydneyMorning Herald, Dec 7

Down syndrome