February 29, 2024

Euthanasia on trial

The year has just begun and already we are being faced with some thorny bioethical issues, as we report in the links below:

  • Will countries which have legalised euthanasia ever convict doctors who break the law? Three doctors will go on trial in Belgium this week. The verdict will be interesting. 
  • A small hospice in British Columbia is being forced to permit euthanasia. We pay the piper, you play our tune, is the government's response. 
  • IVF researchers have paid Mexican women to donate eggs (dangerous) and to have some abortions (more dangerous). Is this an example of out-sourcing ethics and exploiting people who are poor, desperate and female?
  • Gestating babies in artificial wombs could help to smash the patriarchy. Are we ready for the challenge of ectogenesis? 

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Michael Cook
Some thorny bioethical issues