February 29, 2024

Foetal reduction essential for IVF, says specialist

Disciplinary hearing of Michael Kamrava

The disciplinary hearing of the doctor who treated OctoMom,
Nadya Suleman
, gives some revealing insights into the way fertility
specialists operate. Testifying in support of Dr Michael
this week, a famous Beverly Hills colleague, Dr
Jeffrey Steinberg
, told the court that there was no generally accepted
number of embryos to be implanted. “He was trying very hard to help this
woman get pregnant. I can’t fault his judgment,” Steinberg said. “I
can question maybe how aggressive he can be, but again, I wasn’t in the room
with the patient.”

In fact, Dr Steinberg went on, many of his patients ask for
a large number of embryos to be implanted because they want large families. “In
our eyes, those embryos belong to the patients and they have to make decisions
about them,” Steinberg said.

And if there are too many? “Fetal reduction remains as
our safety net with in vitro fertilization,” Steinberg said. ~ Los
Angeles Times, Nov 17

Michael Cook
fetal reduction