April 20, 2024

Harvard undergrads to do stem cell research

New major begins this year

One day after President Obama had lifted restrictions on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research, Harvard University approved an undergraduate major in stem cell biology. The new course will be offered to freshmen at the beginning of the new academic year in September. "It’s our hope that this program will encourage some of our nation’s aspiring scientists to consider careers in human developmental and regenerative biology, fields which offer tremendous promise to better understand human development and regeneration and which hold the promise of finding new ways to combat disease," said Professor Doug Melton. Does this mean that undergraduates will be dissecting human embryos? Presumably, as Harvard’s press release says that there will be a "heavy emphasis on hands-on research opportunities in all four undergraduate years". ~ Harvard, Mar 10

One thought on “Harvard undergrads to do stem cell research

  1. well, it’s only genetic material right? so what if the knife slips? they would only have been discarded anyway right? did anyone realize the DNA and genetic code of an embryo is not the mother’s and not the father’s? I guess it’s a brand-new human being! …But…it;s only 2 cells yet..let’s play with the little human, then throw it away.

    civilization devolving into brutish utilitarianism day by day…ain’t that inspiring!

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