April 21, 2024

Heavy metal band Fear Factory give boost to assisted suicide

US metal band broaches topic of assisted-suicide















The US heavy metal band Fear Factory tackles
the controversial theme of assisted suicide in its recent song “Final Exit”. The
song takes its title from Derek Humphry’s 1992 book. Here are some lyrics:

Your life no longer has any value
Let them tell you what your own life is worth
There is no compassion as life fades away
This self deliverance the choice you have made

Lead vocalist Burton Bell told Humphry’s
blog, “The song hopefully will create awareness for the support group Final Exit Network, the song’s
namesake… We have been contacted by many fans who connect with this song on many
levels, and with ‘Final Exit’ being played on the radio, we hope others will also
become aware, understand, and enjoy this song.” ~ Assisted Suicide Blog,
Jun 1

Jared Yee
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