May 18, 2024

IN BRIEF: ultimate Xmas gift; morning-after pill

  • A leading New York cosmetic surgeon is offering “the most expensive and extensive plastic surgery procedure in history” as the ultimate Christmas gift. For US$1 million, the woman who doesn’t have quite everything will get an “all-encompassing, full-body rejuvenation”, including breast augmentation, full body liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, mole removal, and much, much more. Contact Dr Stephen Greenberg, at 7th Floor, 461 Park Avenue South, New York, for further details.
  • The controversy over the failure of the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the morning-after pill for over-the- counter sales continues. Now a government watchdog has claimed that senior FDA officials overruled scientists to block distribution of the drug. The FDA responded by saying that the report by the Government Accountability Office “mischaracterises facts… We question the integrity of the investigative process”.