May 24, 2024

IVF boys may inherit infertility

ICSI appears to be problematic
The first
evidence that the fathers of test-tube babies may pass on their fertility
problems has been discovered in a new study. It was found that boys conceived
by the implantation of a single sperm cell into an egg using IVF were likely to
develop shorter fingers, an indicator known to be associated with infertility.
This new finding may be an indicator of a generation with less chance of having
their own children.

In Britain,
almost one in 50 babies is conceived through artificial means. Almost half are
conceived using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a process that
bypasses the competition that occurs between proportionally healthier and
unhealthier sperm in natural fertilisation. Only the healthiest sperm cell will
fertilise a given egg during natural fertilisation, whereas ICSI bypasses this
process. The result is that unhealthier sperm may be forced into an egg,
leading to a higher percentage chance of defects such as infertility. ~ Sunday Times, Feb 7

Jared Yee