February 28, 2024

Jack puts his cards on the table

Sanjay Gupta interviews Jack Kevorkian

Sanjay Gupta and Jack KevorkianJack Kevorkian, the American doctor who
killed more than 130 people as part of his campaign to promote assisted
suicide, has no regrets. In an interview for Larry King Live, Kevorkian told Dr
Sanjay Gupta that he favours the term “patholysis” – the destruction of
suffering — instead of assisted suicide or euthanasia.

The frail 82-year-old, who is on parole
from a 10 to 25-year sentence for murder, has no wish to die himself because he
has three missions yet to accomplish. He wants to educate Americans about the
impending doom from their culture of abundance, to educate people about patholysis, and to convince the public
that their constitutional rights to freedom are being infringed.

emphasised in the interview that he believes that assisted suicide is not a
last resort for suffering patients with terminal diseases, but a lifestyle
choice. People should be allowed to seek help to kill themselves whenever they
like. “What difference does it make if someone is terminal?” he told
Gupta. “We are all terminal.” ~ CNN, June 14

Michael Cook
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