April 24, 2024


Cosmetic surgery has been given a big boost by consumers who think that their 60s are the new middle age, according to an A.C. Nielsen survey of 42 countries. In the US, 60% believe this, and on a global scale, 60% believe that the 40s are the new 30s. With more and more people turning back the clock on their mental age, cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular. The survey found that about 20%, world- wide, would consider cosmetic surgery to maintain their looks. The Russians were the most willing (48%), and people in Hong Kong the least willing (6%).

Cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable and financially it’s become affordable, says Frank Martell, of A.C. Nielsen. “Our mothers might have gone to Tupperware parties but this generation is more likely to be invited to Botox parties.” With Botox now considered mainstream, Martell predicts that the next beauty trend will be liposuction. “Lunchtime ‘lipo’ is likely to become the next cosmetic ‘special’ on the menu,” he said.