May 29, 2024

NYC transgenders sue to change birth certificates


At least three transgender people are suing
the City of New York for discrimination because they cannot change the gender
listed on their birth certificate. New York requires people to have sex change
surgery and a subsequent psychiatric examination before it will alter birth

However, the plaintiffs say that many transgender cannot afford
surgery and that “transitioning” with hormones or other treatment ought to be

“We have an unemployment rate twice
the national average and four times the national average of people who live on
less than $10,000 a year,” said Mara Keisling, of the National Center for
Transgender Equality. “Part of the problem is people are less employable
because they don’t have IDs that match who they are. It’s tied together in a

jurisdictions are more lenient, according to an AP story. “Washington
state requires only a doctor’s or psychologist’s note attesting to
“appropriate clinical treatment” to change the gender on a driver’s
license. Illinois agreed in 2009 to develop new standards for how much surgery
is required before a person is eligible to switch the gender of a birth
certificate. And the US State Department announced last year that transgender
travelers no longer will need surgery — just a doctor’s certification of
appropriate treatment — to declare a new gender on a passport.” ~ AP, March 22

Michael Cook