May 24, 2024

Oregon Man claims to be pregnant

Transgender man to bear child

Another strange but true tale from the ever-changing world of assisted
reproductive technology. Writing in a Los Angeles newspaper for lesbians, gays,
bisexuals and transgendered people, Oregon man Thomas Beatie claims that he is
pregnant. Whether Thomas is a "he" is not beyond dispute, because he was a "she"
before having his breasts removed and receiving regular testosterone injections.
He has been legally married to Nancy for ten years. A couple of years ago,
however, he decided to take a break from his new gender in order to have a baby.
(Nancy had a hysterectomy many years before.) After seeing nine doctors and
accumulating a long list of snubs and insults from religious doctors and hostile
receptionists, he became pregnant with the help of donor sperm. The baby is due
in July.

"How does it feel to be a pregnant man?" he writes. "Incredible. Despite the
fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and
confident being the man that I am… To Nancy, I am her husband carrying our
child — I am so lucky to have such a loving, supportive wife. I will be my
daughter’s father, and Nancy will be her mother. We will be a family." ~ AlterNet, Mar

2 thoughts on “Oregon Man claims to be pregnant

  1. I dont feel that he should be treated no different than a female because that is only half of what guys are doing these days like having sex with other men and such. He didnt even have to have sex to get preganant and its men out here that have sex with other men everyday trying to produce a offspring. So honestly I take my hat off to him. I really hope he makes it through labor and that his baby is born healthy as if it was a regular female.

  2. Maybe this should have been headlined “Pregnant Oregonian claims to be man”? This calls to mind the Cambridge college bylaw: “Cats are the only animals permitted in college. The Dean’s dog, Toby, is deemed to be a cat.”

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