February 24, 2024

Planned Parenthood offering transgender service to teens

Whistleblower paints a shocking picture of poor medical care

Planned Parenthood is moving into transgender treatment for teenagers, according to a report by journalist Abigail Shrier.

On her SubStack blog, Shrier, a Wall Street Journal journalist and author of the 2020 book Irreversible Damage, interviewed a former Planned Parenthood employee who used to provide treatment for children who wanted to change their gender.

The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, insisted that she agreed wholeheartedly with PP’s core mission of providing abortions, but she had serious misgivings about providing transgender treatment. She worked in a small American city of about 30,000 people and says that one or two natal female girls would arrive as new clients every day requesting testosterone. “A few reasonable assumptions and some arithmetic reveal that a shocking percentage of the town’s teen girls came through the clinic over just a few years,” writes Shrier.

The girls did not receive top-drawer medical attention:

There were no doctors at the clinic where she worked. Nurse practitioners were the professionals with the highest medical training, she said. The clinic employed a gender counselor who had “no actual professional credentials or formal training other than being MtF” (that is, a male-to-female transgender person). Adolescents would come and speak to this gender counselor and Planned Parenthood would then forward the counselor’s “notes to an actual licensed mental health professional somewhere off-site, and rubber stamp approve the patients to begin their transition. This is basically how they circumvented the requirement to speak to an actual counselor,” according to the employee’s Twitter post.

Embarking upon testosterone treatment is risky. Shrier’s whistleblower was supposed to get them to sign an informed consent form before commencing treatment. “I can say anecdotally that I never saw anybody read it,” she said.

Shrier concludes: “According to the Planned Parenthood employee’s testimony, in affirmative care clinics like this one, for teens seeking fast medical transition — the medicine cabinet is fully stocked, the customer is always right, and the light is always green.”

Michael Cook is editor of BioEdge

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