February 26, 2024

Swedish woman ‘recycles’ her mother’s womb

Grandson born from same womb as his mother

Emilie, Albin and Marie    

A Swedish woman has given birth to a son using the womb of her own mother. Emelie Eriksson, 30, was born without a womb and thought that she would never be able to have a child of her own. But when she learned of the pioneering work of Swedish doctor Matts Brannstrom, she realized that it might be possible. Brannstrom is the only doctor in the world to conducted successful womb transplants. So far, five of his patients have given birth.

Her mother Marie, who is 53, volunteered to help her. She told her daughter, “’I’m so old, I don’t need my womb and I don’t want any more children. This is your only chance to have a child and you should take it’.”

This means that Marie’s uterus carried both her daughter and her grandson.

The birth took place in 2014 after an embryo was created with IVF. Ms Eriksson decided to share the story to encourage other women who have problems with fertility. 

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