April 13, 2024

Swiss decide their animals don’t need lawyers

Overwhelmingly rejected in referendum
Just over 70% of Swiss
voters have rejected a referendum proposal to give animals lawyers who would
represent them in court. All 26 cantons voted against the move by animal rights
activists. In some cantons, the No vote was more than 80%. Although this system
is already in place in Zurich, the Swiss clearly thought that it was too
expensive and too bizarre to be extended to the whole country. All of the
cantons would have been forced to engage animal advocates.

 The president of the Swiss Farmers’
Union, Hansjorg Walter, said: “Voters have taken a pragmatic decision and
acknowledged that Switzerland has one of the strictest animal welfare laws. The
Union wants proper enforcement of animal welfare. Violations harm the image of
farmers. But there are stringent checks and penalties for misconduct are
already severe.” ~ London
Telegraph, Mar 8

Michael Cook
animal rights