March 3, 2024

Thai doctors threaten not to treat riot police

No one actually denied treatment

The Thai Medical
Council is investigating 50 doctors at Bangkok’s leading university
hospital after they declared that they would not treat police
officers if they were injured in clashes with anti-government
protestors. Two people were killed and hundreds injured earlier this
month in the worst street violence in Bangkok more than 15 years.

Dr Suthep
Kolchanwit, Chulalongkorn Hospital, the leader of the group, later
apologised and said that no one had actually been denied treatment.
However, the council will still examine the incident. "Our
ethics committee is now looking into this," said Dr Somsak
Lohlekha, chairman of the medical council. "We should not use
the medical profession to influence this conflict. We need to
separate our political views from our professional role." ~ BMJ,
Oct 17