February 24, 2024

Ukraine clinic seeks to genetically engineer babies 

The Medeus Clinic also offers “complex rejuvenation and life extension”

The ever-alert stem cell scientist and blogger Paul Knoepfler has flagged a Ukrainian clinic which apparently intends to market genetic enhancement. He says that one of his colleagues received an email from the Medeus Medical Center. It read:

“Hello! Our Medical Center based on the Institute of Quantum Medicine is opening its own laboratory for genetic editing of stem cells. Our long-term goals include working with humans using edited stem cells. We plan to edit grey hair colour, skin quality and breast size. We need a person who could lead this project and train geneticists from Ukraine to work with genetic editing of stem cells in humans.

Obviously, the news about the disgraced Chinese stem cell researcher He Jiankui has not yet reached Kiev. Using CRISPR he genetically modified three embryos; he was universally condemned, tried, and eventually sentenced to jail.

“Are such enhancements even possible?” asks Knoepfler. “I suppose one could try. I won’t go into the details of how it could be attempted. Mistakes or unintended outcomes could be disastrous.”

He goes on to comment: “There are a vast number of ethical issues here with what this clinic says they plan to do. It’s easy to imagine how this could lead to human suffering and injustice. I hope that more attention will be given to the risks of what is going on in this case.”

The Medeus Clinic also offers “complex rejuvenation and life extension” through frequency-microcurrent therapy, biodynamic radiotherapy, pulsating magnetic fields, and photobiomodulation. Whatever they are. Check it out now.

Here’s a video from the clinic:       

Michael Cook is the editor of BioEdge

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