May 22, 2024

US immigrants to be treated with Gardasil

Controversial vaccine adds to expense of migration
The US government has declared that all female immigrants must be treated
with Gardasil, a controversial vaccine against the human papillomavirus which
causes most cervical cancers. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal,
immigration advocates are upset because this adds to the already hefty cost of
migrating. The ruling flows from a 1996 law which stipulates that any
vaccination recommended by the government for citizens is mandatory for
green-card applicants.

"We don’t want someone coming into the US who hasn’t been vaccinated against
measles or chickenpox," said Dr Jon Abramson, a member of the board of a
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel which recommended the vaccine
last year. "[But] HPV can only be communicated by sexual contact… This is not
something that endangers kids in a school setting or puts your population at

The vaccine sparked controversy because many parents felt that it might
remove a barrier to sexual promiscuity. It has generated more than US$1 billion
in sales for its manufacturer, Merck. However the company denied that it had
lobbied to include Gardasil on the list of vaccines for immigrants. ~ Wall
Street Journal, Oct 1