April 22, 2024

A cool look at eternal life

Russian company offers eternal life

Want to live forever? KrioRus, the first
cryonics company outside the United States, has a solution for you. For
US$10,000 it will freeze your brain ($30,000 for your whole body) and store
them in its warehouse until scientists are able to “reboot” the brains and
restore the frozen corpses to life. There is an annual $500 storage fee for
keeping the body parts in liquid nitrogen.

Alcor, a US company which offers a similar
service, has about 100 clients; KrioRus only 12, but there seems to be real
interest. “I don’t ever want to die… It wouldn’t suit me,”
Innokenty Osadchy, a 35-year-old investment banker told AFP. “Why do I
have to die in a couple decades? I don’t see any logic in this… I don’t ever
want to die ever. Not in a year, not in a million years.”

As in the US, two-thirds of the firms’
clients choose the brain-only option. “We know that the personality is
stored in the brain. So when a person’s body is old, there’s no reason to keep
it,” said manager Danila Medvedev. “We tell our clients it’s cheaper,
safer and probably better preservation just to freeze the brain.” ~ AFP,
Jul 1

Michael Cook