May 25, 2024

What is a good enough reason for a womb transplant?

Indian woman ‘borrows’ her mother’s because hers was scarred after abortions.

Another chapter in the Reproductive Revolution. An Indian woman has given birth to a child gestated in her mother’s transplanted uterus. Meenakashi Walan, 28, and her husband, Hitesh Bhai, 30, from Gujarat, welcomed a daughter conceived with IVF nearly a year and a half after the transplant.

Births from “borrowed wombs” are not common but are no longer the stuff of headlines. What sets Ms Walan’s pregnancy apart, according to the Daily Mail, is the reason why she needed a uterus transplant. Hers had been damaged after a miscarriage and two abortions.

The couple conceived their first child naturally but the infant died at birth. She became pregnant twice more, but there were complications and both foetuses were aborted.

Ms Walan’s mother said that “I was heartbroken after her first newborn had died and then two abortions had scarred her uterus lining. When she told me that she can become a mother if she gets a uterus from me, I got excited.”

Mrs Walan, says the Daily Mail, is now an enthusiastic supporter of the procedure. “I feel uterus transplant is a noble cause – this is only alternative available for women who want to be mothers.”

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