March 5, 2024

Life is good, says woman who asked for euthanasia

Indian woman more positive after surgery

An woman who once petitioned the President
of India to grant her request for euthanasia has recovered enough to repudiate
her request. "Don’t give up on life. That’s what I say, “says Seema Sood,
a 37-year-old with masters degrees in engineering sciences and information technology.
Ms Sood was struck with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis in 1993.
Effectively unable to move, she felt dejected enough to ask for a mercy
killing. However, now that she has had knee replacement surgery, she feels
completely different. She still needs surgery on her knees, hips, shoulders and
elbows. "I regret the letter to the President," she told the Times of India. "Everything was so
dark for me earlier, but I am excited about my mobility now and I am confident
I will improve." ~ Times
of India, July 11