April 18, 2024

Nitschke takes up computer hacking

Classes for senior on how to download forbidden euthanasia manuals

Dr Nitschke with a tuteeEuthanasia
activist Dr Philip Nitschke has is holding ‘hacking masterclasses’ to show
senior citizens how they can circumvent the Australian Government’s planned
internet filter and access information on euthanasia, including his own how-to
manual.The classes are given by “one of the country’s leading young IT gurus”,
according to information on Exit International’s website.

masterclass was prompted by the reported inclusion of Exit International
websites (www.peacefulpill.com) on the Government’s secret blacklist of banned
websites,” the site says. “To ensure that elderly Australians can continue to
receive this important information after the Federal Government’s censorship
takes effect, the masterclass is intended to provide plain language targeted
for Seniors.”

must be a bit frustrating for Exit International’s tutors. According to the Sydney
Morning Herald,
some of the people attending are still taking elementary
computer lessons. ~ IT
Wire, Apr 6


Michael Cook
Philip Nitschke