May 28, 2024

Prepare for reproductive cloning now, say bioethicists

Silence on cloning front may not mean inactivity

Little has been heard of late from the gaggle of eccentric experts ready to
clone children for their clients. Greek Cypriot Panos Zavos, Italian Severino
Antinori and French Brigitte Boisselier have been out of the headlines for a
couple of years. Nonetheless, philosophers are still hard at work finding
arguments to justify their activities, if and when reproductive cloning becomes
possible. In the latest issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics, Silvia Camporesi
and Lisa Bortolotti conclude that that there are no good arguments to ban
reproductive cloning. And since bad regulations could impair its implementation
or restrict it too narrowly, they call for "a productive exchange of views" now.
"The time left [before it happens] should be usefully spent in the creation of
policies and institutions that can tackle potential problems and find effective
solutions." ~ Journal of Medical Ethics, Sept 2008