May 20, 2024

Two for the price of one! Money-back guarantee!

Fertility clinics discounting
Thrifty consumers have saved on buying bulk
in everything from cotton buds to soft drinks, but fertility treatment?
Of course! Some large fertility clinics are offering would-be parents
the option to buy a set number of treatments in bulk at discounted
prices. Some clinics are also banking on strong track records and offer
“shared-risk” plans, which go one step further – if you don’t have a
baby after exhausting your benefits, you get some or all of your money

One example is Shady Grove Fertility Center.
Shady Grove has 13 offices in the District of Columbia, Maryland and
Virginia, and patients are offered 6 IVF cycles for the price of two –
around US$20,000. Provided the patients are under age 39 and meet a
further set of eligibility requirements, they can get their money back.
“It’s mainly larger practices that can handle this kind of financial
program,” says Janice Koch, director of patient financial sevices for
Shady Grove. “We may be one of the only ones with a 100 percent refund.”
~ National Public
Radio, Jan 25

Jared Yee