February 29, 2024

Who’s a pretty boy then?

An extreme example of body modification.

Sorry, we missed this story from late last year. A British man has reshaped his head to look more like his pet macaws. Ted Parrotman (he has changed his name by deed poll from Ted Richards) represents an extreme of body modification. Apart from facial tattoos, his ears have been removed, spikes and studs have been embedded in his head, and his eyeballs have been tattooed brilliant blue and red. Most of his body is covered in tattoos, with his scalp tatoos imitating the brilliant hues of the macaws. 

“I’ve come right out of my shell. Since I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been talking to a lot more people,” he told the Daily Mail.

Mr Parrotman plans to continue his personal transformation by turning his nose into a beak. The work seems to have been done by body art technicians rather than cosmetic surgeons. 

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